When handing over £10 cash to homeless man Stevie for one of his signs, it didn't feel like I was doing it out of pity or that it was from an overly charitable place, it came from my appreciation of mark-making, thriftiness, the artefacts people make to survive… real Arte Povera. I bought them to do something with, to have in my possession, to build my understanding of a situation, to share with you a story… because they are beautiful.

Signs of Life by Kevin Harman, mixed media, installation, Ltd Ink Corporation, 2019. 
Video credit - Chris Lewis Cook

In the installation over 300 signs have now amassed, all backed onto letting agency signs and attached to scraps of timber. These assemblages within the exhibition leaned against the galleries internal walls, surrounding the centre point of a fantastical oversized four-poster bed, the fabrics of which adorn the bed are luxurious and the print is composed solely of the original signs.

The work highlights one individual’s desire for shelter and time spent without it.

A sizeable contribution will be made at the end of our first year trading to Grassmarket Community Projects. The Grassmarket Community Project takes an innovative approach to creating community, providing sanctuary and support to people dealing with multiple complex issues.

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